Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Main bathroom

Family room - looking across to our MASSIVE tele!!!!!

Dining area

Master Bedroom


Well it's been bedlam around here for the past week but we are slowly getting there! Not as quickly as we would like, but with Dave working full time and me chasing after the wee ones, unfortunately it's going to take a bit of time until we get it looking the way we want! Nevermind, we have loads of time!!!!! So here's some pics of the action so far!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're in!!!!!

No pics yet though, 'cause the place looks like a bomb's hit!!!!! We are slowly getting through all the boxes but it is taking time because I only have small windows of opportunity when I'm not feeding or tending to the baby, Kobe or myself!

We moved in on Saturday, with the help of my dad, brothers and dad and mum-in-law. My Mum had all the grandkids!!!! My sisters-in-law came to help unpack boxes and one of them, Tracey, put on all our door stops and put up all our curtain rods and curtains. I must say I'm pretty excited that we've got curtains straightaway this time; it certainly didn't happen last time!!!!

We have also had to clean up the rental property we were living in, so we have been being pulled in two directions - hanging out to 'nest' here but knowing we have to get the other place back to its former glory. Thankfully Dave has done most of the work and we handed the keys back today, so there closes another chapter in the lives of the Marshalls!

So now we will just concentrate on settling in and setting everything up the way we want. I will take pics as the rooms become presentable!!!! We have a huge job ahead of us with the outside; we will be going for years me thinks!

So it took Rawdon Hill just under 6 months to build our Mansion and we are absolutely rapt with it! The quality of everything is fabulous and we are yet to find any faults (and hopefully won't)! We love our new house and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Oohhh Yehhhhhh!

How beautiful is my portico???!!!!!!!! Celebratory pics of the house taken just minutes before HANDOVER!!!!!! YES!!!!! We have had handover!!!! So very excited and we are all set to move in tomorrow, along with, unfortunately, the rain I think! Nevermind!

So that's the end of the building of the Marshall Mansion! Next comes the 'beautifying' of it!, which will take time and money, none of which we have at the moment!!!!!!!

I will keep posting as we go!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest update!!

Well it's coming right down to the wire! Finally had our walk-through this morning. Our supervisor was great and picked up things we wouldn't have :) Very minor stuff; mainly paint scuffs etc. By late this afternoon, all these issues had been fixed :) Gotta be happy with that! The valuer from the Bank came (forgot about him and how we need him before they'll give us the money!), and by all accounts, and every finger and toe crossed, we should have the cheque in our hot little hands by tomorrow lunchtime. Handover will occur after that and then we move in on Saturday!!!!! Well, that is how it is meant to happen, and my god, I hope it does!

In hindsight, we should have allowed more time for the "behind-the-scenes" stuff but ah well, we can put that down as something we have learnt for next time! Because I reckon we will do it again one day; we've had a ball this time round and are so happy with our new Marshall Mansion!

So what else? The appliances are booked to go in tomorrow, as are the flyscreens and....da, da, da - our portico was painted today!!!! And I must say, it bloody well rocks!!!!! Can't believe I forgot to take a photo to put on here!!!! Will have to do it tomorrow! I was so worried about the colour I'd chosen but let's just say - you know the Colourbond Roof ad where the man is standing outside in his underwear admiring his roof??! That was me today admiring my portico! But not in my underwear of course!!!!! It looks SO ace and I am massively happy with it!

But still no red kettle :( I am trying to remain calm! I must have my red kettle! (See previous post if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about!)

Anyway! Off to bed and hoping against hope that all falls into place tomorrow! And that the rain doesn't fall on the weekend like it did the last one! Now that would suck!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just some random pics!

Our Spiderman boys!

Our sweet Lexi Rose who is now 10 weeks old and weighs 8pd 90z!

A dodgy shot of our carpet!

Are we in this weekend????!

No we're not! Luckily for us, our real estate agent has let us stay an extra week. God forbid if we haven't had handover by then! Unfortunately things haven't moved as quickly as expected. Carpet was put in yesterday and looks great (through the windows!!!!). The downpipes have been connected. Cleaning was done early in the week but will be done again next week. Portico still not painted but the weather is a bit unreliable at the moment! We are hoping to have our "walk through" either tomorrow or Monday, with handover following not far behind. We have had an "issue" crop up that needs to be rectified, which I won't discuss on here, but hopefully it can be fixed quickly and won't affect our handover or move-in date.

So really all we are waiting on are the painting of the portico, appliances to be put in, including the ducted heating and hot water units, another clean and a Certificate of Occupancy!!!!

Fingers crossed everybody!!!!!


P.S. My red kettle has already bloody died....:( So very sad and they have no more in stock and don't know if they will be getting any more.....:( So I have told them I will wait a while just in case, so I am currently boiling water on my stove every day!!! Worth the pain if it means I get my red kettle in the end! Note to self: Do not throw away old kettle if it is not broken!! (Or is that called hoarding?!!!!!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Short and sweet! Today we discovered the shower screens, mirrors and the kitchen tiling has been re-done and looks great!